Real people, real stories

The following excerpts are shared with us in hope to demonstrate and encourage those who work in the sector, and those who reach out and seek recovery. This connects the investment the Government, organisations and workers make with the reality of a person’s life, and a family’s recovery.

Bill presented at SCCSS...

Bill presented at SCCSS when he had a mix-up in his Centrelink payment and needed assistance to get through the weekend. He was experiencing a long period of homelessness and had been the victim of street violence. As a result of growing up in a household with alcoholism and domestic violence he had taken out an intervention order against his parents.

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His marriage had also failed and he had a son. Bill felt enormous guilt at not being able to provide for his son and because of his homelessness was not able to have regular visits. Bill also discussed his substance abuse and struggle to give up smoking. He was experiencing depression and anxiety. Bill was encouraged to see his GP and be assessed for assistance to get counselling for his depression. He was assessed and went to see psychologist. As a result he started to address his mental health issues and substance abuse.

Bill claimed that for the first time he felt ‘normal’. With the help of SalvoConnect (Adult Entry Point for Homelessness) he was able to get help to find and secure affordable accommodation. He has been able to spend more time with his son and undertake his share of his parental responsibilities. During the school holidays he was able to have his son for 4 days which is a testament to the work he has done. In saying that does not mean everything is going well to him. He has faced some challenges during this time. His best friend’s daughter took her life.

He had to discuss his financial situation with his worker when he settled into his accommodation. He had to set up Centrepay for his rent and utilities as a way of reducing the temptation to drink. Recent medial tests found him to be intolerant to gluten/wheat products which meant he had to be careful what he ate and that some of the alternatives are expensive. He is also undertaking a TAFE course to improve his chances of getting back into the workforce.