Real people, real stories

The following excerpts are shared with us in hope to demonstrate and encourage those who work in the sector, and those who reach out and seek recovery. This connects the investment the Government, organisations and workers make with the reality of a person’s life, and a family’s recovery.

Val is a 19 year old...

Val is a 19 year old who accessed services at the SalvoConnect Community Support Service. Val lives with her father, but has taken on the role of caring for him and her two sisters, both of who are under 14 years of age. Her mother left the family home 2 years ago and has not maintained contact with Val or her sisters. Val's youngest sister is deaf. Val's father is an alcoholic and is verbally abusive to Val and her sisters, which she finds very difficult. However, Val does not want to involve the police.

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Val manages the household, pays the rent and cooks, shops and maintains the domestic arrangements. Both Val's sisters go to school and both needed assistance is getting some basic uniform items which was supplied. Tori attends TAFE part-time and works at a cafe during the day. Val appeared very stressed, overwhelmed and uncertain about what she should do. She is finding her father more difficult all the time. While Val has considered leaving she feels a certain responsibility to her sisters and is planning to 'get out with her sisters when they are a little older' as she does not want to risk breaking up her family any further.

She insisted that she did not wish to involve the police, in case her father reacts more negatively towards her. The worker has suggested the she contact the youth services in the area to see if they can offer ongoing support. As we have a counsellor on site an appointment was made for Val to meet with her and assist her in linking in with the local youth services and offer her and her family ongoing support.