Real people, real stories

The following excerpts are shared with us in hope to demonstrate and encourage those who work in the sector, and those who reach out and seek recovery. This connects the investment the Government, organisations and workers make with the reality of a person’s life, and a family’s recovery.


SalvoConnect Community Support Service

Jim is 34, he immigrated to Australia about 10 years ago he met his wife 5 years ago they married and had two children. During 2012 he separated from his wife. As the separation became acrimonious and his ex-wife started to restrict his access to his children he sought assistance from SCCSS. When he accessed ER he was very distressed about not being able to access regular visits with his children, amount of debt related to his marriage and lack of employment.

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The ER support worker referred him to our Crisis Counsellor who was able to get him some legal advice and connect him with the right process to start the formal application to get access with his children. He was also referred to our Financial Counsellor was able to advise him on his options in relation to his credit-related and marriage-related debt (all credit cards and utilities where in his name). The Crisis Counsellor continues to support him and has assisted with him replacing tools and work clothes that his ex-wife sold. Jim has been able to gain some casual work as a handyman and hopes to get back into his previous employment of kitchen/wardrobe installation.