Real people, real stories

The following excerpts are shared with us in hope to demonstrate and encourage those who work in the sector, and those who reach out and seek recovery. This connects the investment the Government, organisations and workers make with the reality of a person’s life, and a family’s recovery.


C was a young woman with a 2 ½ month old baby boy...

...when she fled from her violent and abusive partner to the homes of friends before accessing support through a crisis refuge in a Melbourne suburb. Unfortunately, this was to be short lived when the ex-partner tracked them down. Melbourne didn’t feel safe anymore and C made the decision to relocate to Geelong to remove herself and her child from the risk of further violence. Due to the family violence and the resulting homelessness she left the people she knew, deferred from her studies and moved to a town where she knew no-one.

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In Geelong, C linked in with a local domestic violence service and stayed three months in refuge accommodation before being referred to SalvoConnect Women’s Services (SCWS). This enabled her to access to transitional accommodation where she and her son lived for the next 8 months. For the first time since leaving her ex-partner, C felt some degree of safety 

During this time SCWS was able to case coordinate support for C and assist her to look towards the future for herself and her child. Once stable and safe, she was then referred to other specialist services that could help her meet her needs and achieve the goals she had identified in her personal plan including child focussed therapeutic activities with her son. Through support, C was able to overcome barriers and achieve her goals, including the recommencement of her studies at university. 

“I would not have had the confidence to achieve my goals if I didn't have the support from my workers at SalvoConnect Women's and I am continually grateful for their encouragement and support “. 

When the offer of a property through the Office of Housing came, her new home was walking distance from her son's crèche and close to public transport, enabling her to continue with her university studies and finish her degree. Recently, C initiated proceedings to gain custody of her son stating “even though my ex hasn't had any contact with me or my son in over 20 months, for the first time I feel completely secure that he can’t find me and take my son”.